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Class is in Session: Prof

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This July 2nd, a bunch of tweens and teens will be getting on their skinny jeans and eyeliner because Vans Warped Tour is coming to Orlando!  If you have some free time, you actually should go too to see weird quirky Minneapolis rapper Prof. Sing-songy, upbeat, and hilarious, Prof would be perfect to listen to while drinking a beer in the sun.  Imagine if The Butthole Surfers and Sublime had a baby, and that baby had mad talent for finding soundbites to go with his rap hooks. It’s goofy, it’s fun, it’s good music.  Prof in 2012 was named one of Minneopolis’s best rappers and this year has been chosen to perform at much of Warped Tour’s 2016 run. Check him out.



The Grand Collab: An Interview with Sandra Quinlan

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Photo by Sandra Quinlan

Perhaps you’ve heard of The Grand Collab. Perhaps you’ve been to Will’s Pub  in Orlando’s Mills 50 District on the last Sunday of the month. But do you really know what the Grand Collab is? We sat down with Sandra Quinlan, one of co-founders of this multi-genre explosion event to find out more about the greatest music showcase in Orlando that our readers might be missing.

The Loud Lifestyle: What is The Grand Collab?

Sandra Quinlan: The Grand Collab is a multi-genre showcase that my friend Chris Mendez (aka DJ Cub of the VLA) started back in November of 2014. The shows are held periodically (generally on a bimonthly basis, but sometimes at different intervals) at Will’s Pub and feature 5-6 musical acts. Local emcee Lauren ‘TKO’ Rohan is our awesome host and DJ Cub is our resident DJ. We also occasionally feature live visual art or the occasional vintage popup shop by Dayglo Diva.

TLL: How did you come up with this idea?

SQ: Cub came up with the name for the event and the concept was spawned following a show I put together featuring Cub’s former band Deaf 2 the Industry, Lake Worth punk band Everymen, and local hip hop trio Table for Three. That particular show was held at Uncle Lou’s and we were stoked that the varied bill was so well received by the audience as a whole. It was after that show that Cub and I decided we wanted to collaborate to form a showcase that would bring a variety of different musical genres to the table, and consequently a variety of different listeners to the audience.

Art by Nico Suave, photo by Sandra Quinlan

TLL: Why do you love hip-hop?

SQ:  Given that both Cub and I are both big hip hop fans, we knew it was important to incorporate that into the Grand Collab on a very consistent basis. This is why we’ve made it a point to include at least one hip hop act per showcase. I love hip hop for a variety of reasons, but I feel the strongest reason is because it is both an empowering force and a communal one. As for it being empowering, hip hop has long provided a voice for those society might have otherwise tried to keep voiceless. Like with punk music, hip hop is the voice of the underdog. It has the power to teach, inspire, empower, or just make you dance. As for it being community oriented, hip hop is far more than just a musical genre- it is a culture that Afrika Bambaataa of the Zulu Nation is credited with breaking down into five different elements: DJing, Emceeing, Breaking (b-boy/girl culture), Graph Writing (graffiti artists) and Knowledge. I have a ton of respect for this culture and feel it’s important for the Grand Collab bill to feature hip hop artists who haven’t totally lost touch with this culture.

TLL: What is the best part of the Grand Collab?

My favorite part of the Grand Collab is its ability to tear down the invisible walls that tend to separate music lovers from good music because of the generally clique-y nature of most music scenes. Don’t get me wrong, these so-called clique-y music scenes are beautiful in their own light, as they often bring about this homey sense of belonging among likeminded audience members. I just think it’s important to expand your horizons and expose yourself to different types of music from time to time. In doing so, you can become more open minded and also experience the offerings of other types of music. What is the worst part of it? Honestly, I think the worst part of it is the fact that our show has always been held on a Sunday night. While I truly believe the Grand Collab is one of those Sunday night gems, if you will, convincing people that our showcase is more appealing than a lazy Sunday at home can be extremely tricky.

TLL: What’s your ultimate dream for it?

SQ: While the ultimate dream for the Grand Collab is something myself and Cub are still in the process of cultivating, my current dream for the Grand Collab is for more people to realize its potential and come out to the shows. As with any showcase, the Grand Collab could not exist without an audience. My dream is for the Grand Collab to be an event in which music lovers of all walks of life can connect over good music (and good drinks, of course).

Listen to “I Know” by WordChemist

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I Know, by Orlando rapper WordChemist, came out last November but we decided our listeners needed to take notice of WordChemist’s clean flow and hypnotic hooks.  A Bronx native, WordChemist can often be found at local shows and is also part of the Scumbag Beer Club  I think I Know is particularly important to listen to in light Florida’s upcoming voting day. Listen till the end of the track for a message about how the United States wants to be better and decide for yourself how the track lives up to or disputes that message.

Want more? Check out WordChemist’s ultra Wu-Tang influenced track Sepukku on Soundcloud and be sure to catch WordChemist at a local show!

B. Payne Reveals Album Art for Upcoming Single “Busy”

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B. Payne has quietly been working on new music under the radar. He gave us a sample of his new music with “The Relaunch” back in April. Featuring production by Carnage, 2-Much Creole Kidd, and The Hittmakerz the release features a total of 5 tracks including “Here I Am“, “Deja Vu” and “DreamKilla“.

Recently, Payne announced the release of his highly anticipated single “Busy”. Producers 2 Much & The Drumbenders join forces to bring the upcoming track slated to drop on November 1st. Payne has also announced merchandise will accompany the release of the new track. We’re excited for the new release as Payne took a hiatus in the past year to focus on his graduation from University of Central Florida.

Congratulations on the upcoming release B. Payne!

Dope Entertainment Presents The Bow Down Tour: Denzel Curry & Deniro Farrar

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Last night, the Bow Down tour made its stop in Orlando, Florida at Backbooth. The venue was a smooth 1000 degrees but full of loyal fans of Deniro Farrar, Denzel Curry and few other opening acts including Duru Tha King.

Deniro Farrar, known as The Leader of Cult Rap, hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Farrar performed songs from his highly anticipated “Rebirth” EP, as well as the hit “Bow Down” with his tour mate, Denzel Curry. I’m definitely a fan after witnessing such a performance full of energy and a true love for performing. It’s not too often that I go to a show of an artist that I’m not too familiar with and feel the energy that he gave. I did have to run for cover before he hit the stage because a few artists before him were stage diving (which I didn’t even know was possible in that venue) and it got a little too real to deal for that part of the show.

After Deniro came Denzel Curry, an 18-year-old Carol City, Florida native who sounds nothing like where he’s from. I say that in a complimentary way because just about every artist out of Florida sounds like Rick Ross or they bring nothing to the table except trash music and it was refreshing not to have to hear that. Denzel, again, is another artist that feeds off of the crowd’s energy and puts on an incredible show. He put on such an incredible show that some kid jumped on the stage with Denzel but he was quickly thrown back into the crowd. The same kid got back onto the stage and then threw himself in the crowd multiple times throughout the night. I’m sure he was drunk and if he wasn’t then I just don’t know what was going on. It was both strange and hilarious at the same time.

The Bow Down Tour is presented by Dope Entertainment.

Support Deniro Farrar:

WEB: denirofarrar.com/
TW: www.twitter.com/denirofarrar
IG: www.instagram.com/LeaderofCultRap
YT: www.youtube.com/denirofarrarmusic

Support Denzel Curry

Web: https://soundcloud.com/denzelcurryph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RavenxMiyagi

Jeezy releases remix of new song “Holy Ghost” featuring Kendrick Lamar

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Jeezy’s latest project Seen It All: The Autobiography released to the public on September 2nd. The album sounds like classic Jeezy with trap music with a few features from Jay-Z, Lil Boosie, August Alsina and a few others. The album isn’t even a month old yet and he’s already releasing remixes. The collaboration between Jeezy and Kendrick sounds amazing as I knew it would. Take a listen below.


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