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iEKNOWS Makes You Fall In Love With Hip Hop At His First Headlining Show

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For the past year, I’ve been noticeably absent from a lot of shows. In the beginning, there were very few shows (if any) that you wouldn’t find me. As time went on, I lost the joy of attending them and slowly but surely stopped. I believe that once you’re forcing yourself to enjoy something, you should probably remove yourself until you arrive to that place where you enjoy yourself again.

It’s interesting. From the beginning, I had a vision for what I intended to do and to a certain extent I’ve hit a glass ceiling on that. Every artist wants to feel like they’re important and like they deserve every moment of your time just like every other one does on soundcloud. I get it, we all want to be heard.

However, the ones that remain humble and work the hardest that keep my attention. Enter iEKNOWS.


(Photo by Saucy Photography)

Last Friday, I was proud to attend iEKNOWS’ first headlining show, 1 FOR THE MONEY, TWO FOR THE SHOW. I don’t really remember the first time I was able to catch his performance. It was probably over a year ago, but he always gives his all regardless of who shows up. These are the kind of artists that I truly enjoy writing about. These are the kind of artists that you truly hope make it because we just need more genuine people with real messages.


(Photo by Saucy Photography)

At the beginning of his set, the audio from his short video, Rock Bottom Is Beautiful, played. For those who have hit “rock bottom” or breaking point, it’s certainly a relatable piece. Personally, I can relate to this with what I’ve been through so to hear something so personal was refreshing. It reminded us all this journey will push you to places you’ve never been but you’ll be grateful when you reach the end of the tunnel.

From there, we moved into a few tracks from his recently released project, Rolling With The Punches. While independent, iEKNOWS’ rollout of his long awaited project was a slow but steady release. While teasing us with a few freestyles here and there, there was no obvious rush to the process. In my opinion, that’s a great thing. Too often, artists get caught into this warp of appeasing their fans and trying to meet “industry standards,” whatever those may be. He does a great job of keeping the focus of his audience while knowing when and how he should release his music.

One of sweetest moments of the night was the acknowledgement he gave to his mother. It’s always a nice moment to not only see a crowd come out for an artist, but when their family comes it makes the moment that much more heartfelt. Out of all of the songs performed, Paris Dream’n was another track that was certainly a standout record.

It doesn’t matter if you’re chasing the corner office or the spotlight on a stage, at some point you’ll find yourself somewhere in between you dreams and your reality. Paris Dream’n speaks to that and reminds us that we’ve either been there, will be there or are currently there.

Not only was his set phenomenal, but his supporting acts leading up were also outstanding. The Mike Wilson, Bria Zhanae, Mave Jome, and 98KB set the stage hyping the crowd up for a one night only show you had to be there to experience.

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