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The Dosti Music Project

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Every spring, The Atlantic Center for the Arts ( Located in New Smyrna Beach) brings together ten applicant musicians from the United States, India, & Pakistan  to take part in The Dosti Music project! This fellowship  gives its participants the resources to spend a month creating hybrid music and going on tour together to share their unique cultural fusion sound.  The music  that results from fellows ranges from folk to hip-hop to traditional Pakistani instruments and old school Indian pop music and is recorded on a CD released each year!

The Dosti Music project is an initiative of the United States Embassy in Islamabad, and is produced by Found Sound Nation. It is now in its second year. The fellowship focuses on how music can build bridges and overcome  help fear of others different from you. It’s a novel concept: beat-making as diplomacy. This project is so cool because it puts people like Pakistani producer Bilal Khan in the same room with people like NOLA saxophonist Aurora Nealand and Indian singer and women’s empowerment advocate Mirande Shah.

We really encourage Orlando rappers to apply for the 2017 cycle in a few months! It’s a great opportunity that will connect you to
people and really help your game! What could be better than a blending of cultures to make crazy beats?

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