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Stream L.B. 199X’s “X” EP

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Ahead of his highly anticipated release, Hidden Colors, L.B. hits us with a short EP titled, X. Even with the short list of tracks, the EP is a pleasant surprise from the upcoming artist. My personal favorite is, “Coolin” featuring Ceno but that’s just my personal opinion. Hit play and find a favorite of your own.

Women’s (Rap) History Month!

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Happy Women’s History Month, Loud Lifestyle readers! This is my favorite month of the year! To celebrate, I’ve created a playlist about one of my other favorite things: female created rap & hip-hop. Women often get left out of the annuals of rap history ( Hello, Welcome to Compton movie) and female MC’s often fail to receive the accolades their male counterparts are often afforded. That’s messed up, and to try and fix some of that messed-upness: Here’s an awesome playlist.

I also want to put it out there that this playlist and article is by no means a definitive list! These ladies are just my favorite ladies, and are by no means the whole pantheon of female rap heros. I hope if anything, this playlist inspires you to dig deeper into rap & hip-hop and start listening to and for who often gets left out: Women.

For example, take Boss. (Born Lichelle Laws) A 1990’s gangsta rapper, Boss released a Russell Simmons produced truly excellent debut album. Then, she never released a CD again. You see, it turns out Ms. Laws lied about her entire backstory and was actually a private school upper class kid. She was embarrassed, to say the least. Boss later moved to Dallas and became a radio DJ and has a few mixtapes and collabs floating around.

Alright, so maybe Boss isn’t the best example of Badass Female MC’s. What about Eve?

Copyright: Amarpaul Kalirai
Copyright: Amarpaul Kalirai

Philly native Eve actually is the woman who can do it all: actress, holds the first Grammy win for a rap song ever, international jet-setter, and is also a fashion designer. Eve also played a character named Rosa Sparks in the movie that sparked a thousand girl-crushes: Whip It. For that, she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

On the topic of women who I don’t know if I want to be or be with,  I just heard that The Lady of Rage is apparently going to star as herself in a movie about the hip hop duo Tha Dogg Pound. I’m always excited about anything she does (even her role on The Steve Harvey show)  because The Lady of Rage is arguably one of the best female rappers to have ever existed. I cannot recommend her 1997 CD Necessary Roughness enough.

Photo from Angel Haze's official Facebook
Photo from Angel Haze’s official Facebook

I noticed as I wrote this article that when I think of great female rappers, women who got their start in the ‘90’s come to mind. One hand, this might be because I’m a relentless ‘90’s music nerd but on the other hand it might because misogyny in the music industry has a way of perpetuating itself throughout the decades. There’s need to be more hype about young female rappers. Sure, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, M.I.A, and other superstars are in the spotlight right now and what seems like always (and rightfully so) but there are absolutely equally as talented rappers from the millennial generation too.  Like Angel Haze.

Angel Haze hails from Detroit, is a self-taught speaker of Tsalagi, and did not encounter much of the secular world (due to being raised in a cult-like church) until she was 16 years old.  A queer agender person, Angel Haze infuses her perspective into her work to create an entire world in her tracks unlike any other rapper. Similar to Angel Haze in their outsider status is Awkafina. A Queens native, Awkafina is humorous and irreverent. Her personality and is unmistakable and comes through the strongest when she talks about the experience of being Asian American & a rapper.  Finally, a hip-hop group that is perhaps most close to my heart is Heart Streets. I’ve been listening to Heart Streets since the day I started college and now as I transition out of school Heart Streets has become even more meaning-filled to me. I love their retro chillwave sound and I love feeling like when I listen to them, I’m listening in on a time machine taking me to the past, different presents, and futures. In a way, that’s what listening to female MC’s and artists means to me: listening in on collective female history. Happy Women’s History Month, y’all!

Listen to “I Know” by WordChemist

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I Know, by Orlando rapper WordChemist, came out last November but we decided our listeners needed to take notice of WordChemist’s clean flow and hypnotic hooks.  A Bronx native, WordChemist can often be found at local shows and is also part of the Scumbag Beer Club  I think I Know is particularly important to listen to in light Florida’s upcoming voting day. Listen till the end of the track for a message about how the United States wants to be better and decide for yourself how the track lives up to or disputes that message.

Want more? Check out WordChemist’s ultra Wu-Tang influenced track Sepukku on Soundcloud and be sure to catch WordChemist at a local show!

Listen to HenryDaher’s “My Kids” Mix

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After landing a major placement with recording artist G-Eazy, producer HenryDaher releases a collective of his latest work. The set includes Curren$y, Wifisfuneral, Danny Towers, NIKO IS and others.

2015 was a great year for him but 2016 will prove to be even better with his plans of continuing to build his long list of credits to an even higher level.

Listen to B.W@V’s “Gone” Ft. SIN (Prod. By Produce Isle)

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B. Wav returns with none other than SIN for his newest track, Gone. It’s been relatively quiet for him, but I always like to keep my heart out for anything new from him. This time, we links up with another favorite of mine by the name of SIN.

Simply put, I juts love this song. The feeling you get once you press play is just overwhelming. At least for me, it was.

Listen: Max B – Silver Surfer Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Joe Young & Alpac

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The incarcerated rapper Max B has been quite the topic of conversation lately. In more recent news, the public social media argument between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa reignited the conversation.

Quite possibly the waviest song I’ve heard all day, The Max and Joe Young track receives two new verses from Wiz Khalifa and Alpac.

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