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Review: Marco – Studio Nights (LP)

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Haven’t we waited long enough for young (and I do mean young) Marco to drop his first LP on us? Marco dropped one of the strongest (if not the strongest) projects in Orlando this year with his highly anticipated project, Studio Nights.

A few months ago, one of his tracks began to play as one of my recommendations on Soundcloud. It’s normally 50/50 with soundcloud’s “recommendations,” but this one turned out to be something I appreciated. From the first listen of, “WITIT,” I recognized the maturity in the delivery of Marco’s flow. Of course after hearing the initial track, it was only right to dig in deeper to the Weirdo Gang affiliate’s catalog.

Hailing from Orlando, Marco is only a mere seventeen-years-old. His LP, Studio Nights, takes you on a journey from start to finish in the mind of Marco. From the start, we dive into the introductory track titled “Aux Cord.” We learn where he’s from and what he likes to, but quickly reminds you that he isn’t soft just because he’s from Orlando.

There’s certainly a consistent show of love to his hometown of Orlando throughout the entire project. One of the standout tracks, “Dawn,” describes a night of meeting a girl and completely forgetting who she is after leaving a party. The track stands out because Marco impresses with his storytelling ability at such a young age. Obviously, we all haven’t had the same experience but Marco is able to paint such a vivid image of a long night that we almost feel like we’re there.

Another few tracks that really standout include “Flowcaine,” “Accuracy,” “Lie,” and “Thermal.” Overall, Marco’s age isn’t a factor in his ability to deliver a solid project complete with more than a few tracks that you’ll need to rewind a few times. He addresses dealing with girls, snakes and the world he lives in. Apparently there’s much more to his world than one might think.

In case you missed it, stream below.

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