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Here Are 6 Music Events You Should Not Miss In Orlando

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(Event: 1LV by @LocalTrash. Photo Credit: sublimediablo

The city of Orlando, Florida is often (and that’s putting it lightly) overlooked when it comes to talented musicians, or better yet, a place to find these talented musicians perform. However, Orlando has several “diamond in the rough” events that consistently deliver stellar overlooked artists that deserve some attention. While the culture is a small culture, the talent pool is massive and underappreciated. The local community of Orlando works extremely hard to present their art to the public and deserve to be seen and heard.

What: Respect The Mic

Where: Café Annie, 131 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Price: $10 and up

For over two years, Leon “OrangeisMedia” Orange, Jr. has placed his heart and soul into creating an outlet unlike any other “open mic” event. Over time, it has grown to be a weekly soulful event to look forward to hearing spoken word, live performances and a live band by the name of ‘Fish & Gritz’. If those factors alone aren’t enough to make you come out and see it for yourself, spotlight singer RaOndria Johnson tears the roof off every single week with her ability to connect with the crowd and get everyone dancing and singing along. It’s hard to predict what you will receive when you attend because every week offers a different theme and appeal. If you prefer a seat in the front of the action, you can reserve a table prior to arrival. For more information, vist

Who: TSA Showcase

Where: Location may vary

Price: $15 and up

TSA Showcase has built quite the reputation of consistently “doing it for the culture” with their vast amount of local showcases featuring top talent. Unlike the average showcase, TSA sets themselves apart from others by handpicking their talent from previous shows in an effort to plan each show. In the past, a few notable TSA Showcase alumni include Marco, Marcellus Juvann, LB, Swamp Posse, Kim, Palmer Reed and so many more. Check out their next upcoming event featuring SKYXX, iEKNOWS, Moe Waveyy, Moody, Kaiydo and Creativeangel on November 28th at Backbooth in Downtown Orlando. For more information on their upcoming events, visit them here.

What: The Sesh

Where: Doc’s Streetside Grille, 1315 S Orange Avenue #1F, Orlando, Fl

Price: $3 and up

The Sesh is an opportunity for local artists interested in performing music, networking and enjoy a cool, relaxed vibe. The event allows artists to build a following while showcasing their talent to other local artists like themselves and the music community. Here, you can be yourself and showcase your ability to sing, rap, dance, perform a comedy skit or anything that showcases your special talent. The open mic event allows you to sign yourself up to perform an hour prior to the event if you’re interested in giving it a try. The Sesh occurs every first Wednesday of each month in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

What: My City Mondays

Where: The Social, 54 N Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida

Price: $10 and up

For over five years, My City Mondays has given countless opportunities to rising artists to perform for prominent artists including 2 Chainz, Future, Meek Mill, and many more. In addition to the live performances, the event offers a more than generous happy hour with specials every month. Founder, Preston “PK” Prathers offers an impressive platform for artists to gain opportunities that otherwise would not be offered within the city. Prathers throws the monthly event on every first Monday event with a different theme and feel from producer battles, R&B showcases and of course, hip-hop. The next opportunity to attend will be this upcoming Monday on November 9th and will include an opportunity to compete to perform for Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy during The upcoming Annual Florida Classic Weekend. Orlando’s Newest Hip-Hop Radio Station 104.5, Street Runnaz, Bank Boyz Society, Merrim Live and Royalty Entertainment Group present this event. For more information, visit them here.

What: Niko & Friends (Pop-Up Show)

Where: Random locations

Price: Free

Brazilian born, Orlando based hip-hop artist NIKO IS contributes nothing but good vibes with his traveling pop-up shows around the city of Orlando. Signed to legendary Talib Kweli’s label, Javotti Media, Niko keeps a level, humbled approach to delivering his music and giving other local artists the chance to share his platform. His pop-up shows are randomly announced the day before and typically involve other local talent, a live band and other surprises for the culture. While I can’t specify exactly when these spectacular shows happen, I can tell you to follow the artist to catch his next show by his twitter handle, @nikohigh.

Who: Dope Entertainment

Where: Orlando, Tampa, or Miami

Price: $15 and up

Dope Entertainment is more than a promotional company, but a facilitator of bringing underground as well as popular mainstream artists to Florida. Co-founders, Tariq Cherif and Matt Zingler, began their journey in 2010 with their first show with Curren$y and Rick Ross in Tallahassee, Florida. Since the beginning, the two have followed a formula of booking your favorite acts and bringing their tours all over Florida. But, why are they included on this list? Not only are they responsible for bringing artists like Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg and others but they’re also giving local artists a chance to share the stage with these artists. Any local artist will tell you, it’s not easy to get someone to take a chance on you and place you on a stage with popular artists. However, while Dope Entertainment focuses on bringing tours that otherwise wouldn’t come to Florida, they are also giving back to community by expanding into their own hip-hop festivals like Rolling Loud and TakeoffxLanding. The two festivals brought out a total of over an astounding (estimated) 9,000 hip-hop fans. Simply put, if you’re a fan of hip-hop music then you should never (and I mean never) miss the opportunity to attend a Dope Ent show. Make sure to check for their upcoming shows here.

Review: Trackoholic Music Group Presents: “Trackoholics Anonymous”

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Trackoholics Anonymous 2 Back Cover

As we begin the listening of the album, Jetpack Jones appears first with his smooth track, “Hard To Find.” Jones speaks of a hard to find love with a girl he seems to be chasing. While he knows she misses him, he knows she misses him as well. It’s relatable track as we’ve all been in situation that seems to cycle over and over with someone we care about.

The album seems to switch gears with the next track, “No Trouble” from Rashard Kaine. The aggressive track begins with Kaine speaking about his ability to get money with no problem. It’s a little hard to keep up with the quick rapping but his ability to spit quickly is one to be noted.

We slow down again with Cam Jones’ contribution to the album, with somewhat of a Master P approach in the beginning of “Bout It”. Jones’ position seems to be one of someone aiming for the top and accepting nothing less. His “Bout It” record seems to warn other rappers of his arrival and to beware of his position within the rap game. While other rappers are releasing what he calls “mediocre records” he’s aiming his record at every rapper in the game.

Next up, we keep the slow groove going with Mave. Taking the classic approach with the throwback during the chorus, the track gives somewhat of a nostalgic appeal. Mave claims he doesn’t care about the awards given to anyone else because he’s what the title alludes to, an “A**hole.” Arriving to the track with un unmatched confidence, his ability to flow with aggression on a slow beat is impeccable.

Niecy Blues arrives with “Two,” giving an unexpected r&b record on a collection full of rappers. As a true appreciator of r&b music, her track truly took me away to a faraway place upon the first listen. In fact, the song is just a perfect to listen to on a night alone (or not alone) with wine and candles. Like the young kids would say, it’s a nice song for a “Netflix & Chill” type of night.

Jetpack Jones connects with Don Diestro next to give the perfect summer day song, “All Star 8.” The two emcees are here to give the audio feeling of what it’s like to feel like a rock star. So, sit back and relax, and plug in the aux cord and go for a ride into the minds of Jetpack Jones and Don Diestro.

Allen York turns it up with his contribution, “Toast.” He offers a congratulatory record to those who’ve exceeded the expectations of those who have been doubted. York connects easily with those who live by the mantra of “never let ‘em see you sweat” while he briefly cites his struggles in one or two lines. The track is an all around feel-good track.

Rashard Kaine closes the project out with his inspirational track, “Box Chevy.” While he’s always wanted expensive things, he likes the idea of having money much more. Kaine speaks about the constant money chase versus the constant chase of women.

Reflection: Before The Relaunch (Why The Name Change?)

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Spoiler alert, the girl in the cover photo isn’t me. However, the image took me back to my days walking down the aisles of Circuit City and listening to the music stations. I’m revealing my age, but that’s another conversation. I’m weird, and don’t like to place photos on myself on the website.  I’m sure I’ll get over that one day, just not today. Moving on, July 11th will be the year anniversary of the purchase of So, what does that mean for me?

It means I have completely outgrown the name of this website. It doesn’t mean anything and I can’t identify with it any longer. Honestly, I never could. The name was more of an accident that I adapted to through branding and social media. However, I’ve learned more through google about social media than I ever have sitting in a classroom, no offense. I’m certainly not taking shots because I’m a college graduate (in Marketing) who learned nothing about social media while I was enrolled. Google taught me everything I know.

The website is also a little random for my taste. There are things everywhere and no real clear direction. I want to change that moving forward because it seems like a mess. It’s an entertaining mess, but a mess nonetheless.

Over the past year, I’ve attended countless shows, interviewed some of my favorite rising artists and more. Oh, and I found out what a “green room” is (and surprisingly, it’s never green). I’ve felt what it’s like to be on a stage and see shows from backstage. I’ve done things that I didn’t think were possible in a much shorter time than I thought was possible. Early on, I set a goal of helping out with a Dope Entertainment show. I’m happy to say I accomplished that goal this month.

I also discovered the budding underground musical artists of Orlando. There’s a vast amount of talented people in Orlando being overlooked. While I’m thankful for those with larger platforms like Woop and Caskey, there are far more artists that deserve some shine as well. We also have Swamp Posse who’s been working for years, opening for some of your favorite artists on the road.

The list goes on & on, but I also have to move on to the point of bringing this up. Originally, I found myself creating this website to showcase the culture of Orlando. However, Culture Climax has already served that purpose. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something that allowed me do what I love, which is music. I also wanted to create a large media platform for Florida, but not completely ignore underground music in other states. It’s something that’s beyond needed. While I acknowledge the media we do have, we need and want more media opportunities for artists in Florida.

While I’m fashionable, I’m not into fashion. I’m not into writing about it, caring about it, or reading about it. I decided to write about something I’ve loved since I was caught on video singing Sade’s “The Sweetest Taboo” at a tender five-years-old. I also decided to stay in my lane because my talent isn’t singing, rapping or anything that involves a studio. I decided to start blogging, but doing things the way I wanted to.

I drew inspiration from reading stories about Karen Civil and Ashley Outrageous. These women were fearlessly living their dreams in the world I dreamed about. While there are numerous women in entertainment to admire, these two were the ones I drew inspiration from the most. Their paths seemed to be similar, creating blogs and finding their paths in different ways.  I think I’m beginning to get long winded here.

Simply put, I wanted to change the website into something a little less girly and more in tune with the audience of the website. I’m just moving into a different phase of the brand and would like this change to reflect everything I’m planning to do.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2. There’s much more to come than I allude to.


SuperDuperKyle Presents The King Wavy Tour Experience (Recap)

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A little over two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the King Wavy Tour. I won’t lie, I wasn’t even sure who Super Duper Kyle (or just Kyle) was when he entered the building for sound check. He walked in, introduced himself, and proceeded to help with equipment set up. After the sound check and meet & greet, it was time for the show to begin.

It’s not often that you see a stage complete with bright flashing lights, blow up trees and a surfboard. While you may not expect all of these things on a normal tour, you can expect this and more for a King Wavy Tour Experience. Further, it’s not often to see an artist engage with his fans the way Super Duper Kyle does. It’s the art of transforming a “show” into a full on unforgettable experience.

Kyle took the term “crowd surfing” a few notches higher with an actual surfboard. Yeah, we’ve seen mosh pits and surfing, but with a real surfboard? Well played, Kyle. Kyle performed hits including, “Don’t Wann Fall In Love,” “It’s Lit,” “Just A Picture,” and many more crowd favorites. He didn’t just perform, he performed to a sold out crowd.


It’s clear by watching the show, Kyle and his team place a large amount of planning into their shows. Kyle is clearly in tune with his audience and works incredibly hard to make sure the crowd enjoys themselves. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to see.

Thank you, Dope Entertainment for allowing me to be part of such an amazing night. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to see the amazing talent that is Super Duper Kyle. Ever.

10 Things We Learned From Denzel Curry’s Interview on The Dr Greenthumb Show

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Denzel Curry has been very busy touring with fellow c9 member SDotBraddy nationally as well as the World Domination Tour with Joey Bada$$ and Mick Jenkins. The Carol City native is continuing to prove regardless of recognition he receives from popular media, he’s a force to be reckoned with. 

While he was in California, he stopped by the Dr. Greenthumb Show to talk about his tour experiences and new project.

  1. Denzel Curry is filming as he travels for the World Domination Tour.
  2. He brought fellow member SDotBraddy on this tour with Joey Bada$$. He tries to bring members of C9 on tour with him whenever it’s possible.
  3. He learns from every performance. During the first experience at SXSW, he learned how to approach the crowd for the next year. 
    1. The organizers of the The Nice Kickstage tried to tell Curry how to perform and he wasn’t having it. If you’re familiar with his performances, it’s a wise decision not to
  4. He has an eclectic taste in music, which includes metal and rock music.
  5. He believes in putting out his best effort in everything he does.
  6. He’s been working on his newest double LP, 32 ZEL / Planet Shrooms, for over two years. He describes the album as “one big story.” (Started in late 2013 – early 2015)
    1. He was still living with his parents in Carol City when he began to create the project.
  7. Curry’s friend passed away right before his show in New York. He attended the funeral the day before he left for New York. 
  8. 32 Zel is a dedication to his brother, Treon Johnson, who passed away last year.
  9. Curry is more of a fan of “upper high” psychedelics.
  10. Denzel Curry has never performed while he wasn’t sober.

In case you missed the interview, check it out here.

Blending Florida Creativity: The Night of 1LV (Recap)

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On the night of June 6th, the idea to bring talented artists from Central Florida and beyond came into fruition. Local Trash created an event filled with artist performances, drinks and everything else. Starting in the afternoon, every room located in the venue served a different purpose. Inside the warehouse there was a stage, studio, and room for brands to show off their work.

AR Restless kicked off the first set of performances of the night performing at 8:00 p.m. The first set included IMC, PFK, YG Manolo ADolla, and Marco. With a short break, the second tier kicked off with Palmer Reed. Following right after Palmer came Marcellus Juvann, Mike Wilson, KIM and Venus Amor. Right after Venus’ cool laid-back set, it was time to turn up again for the third set. Mannix kicked it off while Slump, Scumbag World and Bukkweat Bill followed.

[youtube_embed src=””/]

The night brought out the city in the literal sense. 1LV quickly established itself as a one of a kind event from the first one thrown. Even after location changes, there wasn’t a way to stop the unity in this unique event. While an Orlando company created the event, it was more about bridging musical gaps all throughout Florida. The event inspired those who didn’t perform to make sure they hit the stage during the next event. If you were unaware of the thriving music scene in Florida, you were exposed to a selected group of talented individuals.

Unfortunately, the night ended a little early leaving some performers who didn’t have the opportunity to take the stage. These performers consisted of Swamp Posse, DXDDY MXCK, Daddy Pill$z, Max P, Solomon Da God and Wifisfuneral.

The gang that didn’t hit the stage hit us with an exclusive mix of what they planned to perform shortly after. The love for creativity and music is alive and well. It’s thriving. Thank you, Local Trash.

See video coverage (so far) below.

Bukkweat Bill (shot by Murder Toys Matt)

[youtube_embed src=””/]

IMC (shot by Cleigh Visuals)

[youtube_embed src=””/]

[youtube_embed src=””/]

[youtube_embed src=””/]

Photography credits: Slump Man Jazzy, whateverfits, Cleigh Visuals & D A N EYE A M.

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