Kylie Minogue Fights Kylie Jenner’s Plans to Trademark ‘Kylie’

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According to The Guardian, Australian singer Kylie Minogue’s representatives have taken action against television personality Kylie Jenner’s attempt to trademark their shared first name, Kylie. Jenner reportedly filed an application to trademark her name in May 2015 for “entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment, fashion and pop culture,” according to CNN.

KDB, an Australian firm representing Minogue, filed opposition to the application, claiming “that allowing Jenner to take the Kylie name would cause confusion for Minogue fans and dilute her brand. KDB goes on to cite Jenner as a “secondary reality television personality”. 

KDB also goes on to list criticism Jenner has faced from African American communities and disability rights groups, particularly for her “photographic exhibitionism” on social media. In December, Jenner caused controversy by posing in a wheelchair for a photo shoot with Interview magazine.

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