Ready to Say Bye to Fashion Police?

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What will E! do now that Kathy Griffin has followed along with Kelly Osbourne and has officially said BUH-BYE to “Fashion Police.” There is some say that the network might just pull the plug on the entire show. After only airing seven episodes, Griffin tweeted her resignation this past Thursday and followed up with saying the reason for her departure is because the show was “too mean spirited.” We’re all up for dropping anything that you don’t stand for. But with only Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski as the remaining hosts, the couches are looking a little too empty to continue anything without quick replacements. And to be completely honest, our mind still hasn’t wrapped around the fact that there’s no more Osbourne after her sudden resignation a couple of weeks ago.

It seems like E! has mucho work to do to determine whether it’s actually worth it to find two new compatible hosts to finish off the season. But this might be the sign that they needed to officially close the curtains on the show that holds the last memories of the beloved, late Joan Rivers.


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